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Since Aboite Animal Hospital Ltd. Is locally owned and operated, our doctors have the advantage of not being constrained by the ownership policies of a large National Veterinary Corporation. Unlike four other large veterinary hospitals here in Ft. Wayne, we are not controlled by a corporate giant who owns 186 veterinary hospitals in 34 states.  Our fees are not determined by corporate officers living on the west coast.

We better understand how nature and local weather affect your pet’s current and long term health and happiness.  One of our goals is to offer you a superior “Veterinarian – Pet “ relationship.  To the best of our ability, we will allow you to see the veterinarian of your choice if at all possible.  We always strive for a win-win situation for you and your pet.

Healthy pets are happy pets and happy pets make owners happy.  When you are happy we are happy as well.


Our mission is to help your pet live a long, full and happy life through advanced nutrition, regenerative medicine, laser therapy, and personalized veterinary care.

Dr. Dan Rodgers,
A Righteous Man Cares For The Needs Of His Animal. Proverb 12:10

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