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Benefits of CO2 Laser Surgery:

The CO2 surgical laser can replace or supplement other surgical modalities in a wide range of general surgical applications.  Compared to traditional methods, laser surgery leads to less swelling and bleeding, reduced pain and faster recovery.

Bleeding and swelling are minimized because the laser energy seals small blood vessels and lymphatics.  The laser’s non-contact delivery does not tear or bruise tissue, leading to less pain and swelling.  Laser energy sterilizes as it cuts, so risk of infection is also reduced.     

We are dedicated to proper pain management at Aboite Animal Hospital, and therefore perform all cat declawing procedures utilizing our CO2 surgical laser unit.
The laser works extremely well on skin tumors, eyelid growths and oral tumors involving the gums, cheeks and tongue as well.



Our mission is to help your pet live a long, full and happy life through advanced nutrition, regenerative medicine, laser therapy, and personalized veterinary care.

Dr. Dan Rodgers,
A Righteous Man Cares For The Needs Of His Animal. Proverb 12:10

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