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At Aboite Animal Hospital, we utilize both “in house” and “outside” laboratory services.  For rapid results, we perform “in house” pre-anesthetic blood screens, fecal analysis, complete urinalysis, heartworm checks, leukemia tests, parvo tests, hematocrits, blood glucose testing for diabetes, and liver and kidney function testing, etc.  Other blood samples and laboratory specimens are picked up by our outside Antech Lab Services around noon and again at 6 pm each day for fast turn around.  Most lab results are available by the end of the day or the next morning and we make every effort to call you as soon as the lab results are faxed to us.




Our mission is to help your pet live a long, full and happy life through advanced nutrition, regenerative medicine, laser therapy, and personalized veterinary care.

Dr. Dan Rodgers,
A Righteous Man Cares For The Needs Of His Animal. Proverb 12:10

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